GPS Books

Illustrated Navigation eBook

Today, yachts are often equipped with radar, GPS, chart plotters, AIS, etc. This equipment has also become much more reliable, making it possible to make long offshore passages without a great knowledge of navigation.

Global Positioning System eBook

This book is dedicated to Dr. Benjamin William Remondi for many reasons. The project of writing a Global Positioning System (GPS) book was conĀ­ceived in April 1988 at a GPS meeting in Darmstadt. Dr. Remondi discussed with me the need for an additional GPS textbook.

Best Hikes,Rocky Mountains eBook

Best Hikes Rocky Mountain National Park includes concise descriptions, full-color photos, GPS coordinates, and detailed maps to the best hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park, from family-friendly strolls to popular vistas to hillier wooded pathways.

Outdoor Navigation With GPS eBook

For outdoor adventurers who hike, fish, kayak, cross-country ski, or mountain bike in the back country, a GPS receiver can help them reach their destination and return safely.

A Concise History of GPS eBook

From its military origins to its commercial applications and ubiquity in everyday life. GPS is ubiquitous in everyday life. GPS mapping is standard equipment in many new cars and geo location services are embedded in smart phones. GPS makes Uber and Lyft possible; driver less cars won't be able to drive without it. In this volume in the MIT Press Essential Knowledge series, Paul Ceruzzi offers a concise history of GPS, explaining how a once-obscure space technology became an invisible piece of our infrastructure.