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Smart Vision Onboard OBD2+GPS 

OBD and GPS Gauge are suitable for all cars and can be installed on pillar trim or dashboard.
Can be wired or wireless.
Size: 61x49mm
Output Frequency: ACE S1 OBD2 HUD Car GPS Head-Up Display
Power: 11V~18Vdc (12Vdc/200mA)
Included functions are RPM and fuel consumption.

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4G Real Time GPS Dog Tracker

GPS dog trackers can locate your pets anywhere!
Get the real-time location of your pooch when it matters most. History of your dog's adventures, places, and favorite hangouts. The accuracy of indoor positioning is within 30m. Tracker is also ideal for cats. The pet GPS tracker allows you to keep track of your pet's walking distance and burned calories you can check your pet's exercise pace, walking distance, and calories burned so you can keep your furry friend trim and healthy.

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