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BR01 2-in-1 Bluetooth  Audio Receiver & Transmitter

Microphone: high-quality microphone - silicon
Bluetooth Mode: receive + transmit
Support Protocol: A2DP stereo, AVRCP, HSPReceiving
Mode Support Equipment: desktop computer/notebook/wired earphone/speaker, etc.Transmission SupportMod speakers/TV/desktop computer/notebook/Bluetooth headset/amplifier/projector/PS4.

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Wireless Adapter Auto Dongle - Android

Make your journey stress-free with this great little hands-free device, which allows you to listen to music, also supports GPS navigation.
Messages can also be sent via the dongle.
Supports Carplay, Carlife, and Android Auto, the navigation player is android 4.0 or above.

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Tzumi Ion UV Pro Phone Sanitizer & Wireless Charger

The particle UV master telephone sanitizer cleans your telephone from germs and different microbes conveying microorganisms, it also can be used as a charging center.
 you can charge viable gadgets like telephones and AirPods.

Using UV innovation totally disinfects your telephone utilizing amazing bright beams which helps eliminate microorganisms and germs in the littlest wrinkles of your telephone.
The wireless sanitizer keeps your telephone germ-free and includes a fragrant healing diffuser to leave your telephone and items smelling incredible.

Research center demonstrated it kills 99.9% of germs and unsafe microorganisms on your telephone.

Remote charging cushion permits you to charge viable gadgets like telephones and AirPods with remote charging abilities.

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