M5 Smart Watch

With an exquisite and sharp style, thin and super-light, this watch is a joy to wear.
The huge 0.96-inch LCD show permits you to understand time and information even in the sun. View your wellbeing information on the screen and modify your clock face as per your preferences.
It can follow your exercises and accomplish the constant following for the duration of the day.
The cell phone APP can show running insights speed/minutes/km, calories, and distance.
The M5 smartwatch is made of IP67 waterproof material and doesn't steam up.
For sports devotees, this is a decent partner.
On the off chance that the cell phone gets a call or an instant message, it will vibrate to help you to remember the call, and an instant message warning will be shown, so you won't ever miss a significant message.
The smartwatch underpins stationary updates, morning timers, medication, drinking water, and meeting updates.
A full charge will last for 3-5 days of working time.
Bluetooth 4.0 BLE or above, for Android 4.4 or above.