jjrc-x9ps-4k-gps-rc-drone-black-1595903811168jpgNearly everyone who bought the X9 liked it so much they are now upgrading to the X9P (Pro).
The thing you will notice that they are both identical, the only indication is that the X9P has a 4K sticker, even the instructions are identical.
The drone has nonfoldable arms on the back...this is where the SD card slots into.
The RC controller is exactly the same as the X9, but there is a difference with the charger...the X9 uses a wall charger and the X9P uses a USB Charger.
The batteries are the same on both drones and a flight time of 50 minutes.
Included is an Allen key for fitting the props, and a gadget to connect to your phone or another device.
The X9P weighs in at 261 grams and the X9 257 grams.
All in all a great little drone.

Have Fun & Stay Safe