Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire Smart Watch

Why not add music, maps, and smart walking to your workout with the Garmin Fenix ​​​​​​​​6 Sapphire multisport GPS watch?
Designed with durability in mind, these powerful tools ensure that advanced training levels, running/running paces, and environmentally-modified VO2 max settings are easily accessible - all in one device. Additionally, it features the powerful PacePro™ that helps you keep your cadence on track, providing tailored guidance as you run.
You can download TOPO maps and ski maps for more than 2,000 international resorts.
There is also a flexible power management mode that allows you to change the effect of different settings and sensors on battery life while wearing the watch. You can be sure that your watch will stand the test of time thanks to the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.
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