Five Mistakes, When Buying a Cycle GPS Tracker

GPS trackers can be very useful to protect your bike from theft or to monitor the position of your bike, but there are some pitfalls when it comes to buying and choosing the right tracker therefore here are the top five mistakes when buying a GPS tracker.

Mistake number one: Battery life  is an important feature of GPS trackers because it is essential that the battery reliably supplies the tracker with power to transmit the current position of the vehicle many inexpensive GPS trackers have a battery life of only a few days if the battery is not constantly charged every few days the GPS tracker is useless and any theft protection is lost.

Mistake number two: in precise GPS reception the GPS signal makes it possible to locate a vehicle with a positional accuracy of up to 50 centimeters but the tracker in question must also have the appropriate reception technology this reliable and accurate GPS reception technology is often not used in many GPS trackers, as a result, the displayed GPS position of the bicycle is very inaccurate, stolen bikes are usually stored in garages sellers or Hut's in these cases you only have a weak GPS signal if the tracker does not have the appropriate reception technology installed which also allows a localization with weak signals the bicycle cannot be found anymore.

Mistake number three: The use of GPS trackers has become common knowledge among bicycle thieves many bicycle GPS trackers are disguised as attachments such as tail lights or bottle holders, this is also known by the thieves and they routinely check the bikes for these GPS trackers and remove them on the spot this means that any theft protection of the bicycle is lost.

Mistake number four: in order for a GPS tracker to transmit its position it needs access to the Internet this is done using a SIM card with a data tariff, here many GPS tracker sellers do not indicate the additional data tariff required.

Mistake number five: The first big challenge is usually the setup of the GPS trackers, before they can be used all settings must be transmitted to the tracker via SMS commands, if a single letter is not correct the tracker will not recognize the settings in addition the SIM card must be prepared for the tracker and the so-called APN settings must be made, this preparation is very time-consuming and frustrating for many users, however there is now a bicycle GPS tracker on the market that eliminates all these mistakes and problems the Swiss track bicycle GPS tracker is installed in the bicycle frame together with its Excel battery that has a battery life of six months in this way the battery of the tracker only needs to be charged once per season and the tracker cannot be detected and removed by thieves because it is located inside the bike, the Swiss track bicycle GPS tracker contains a high performance GPS and GSM antenna model, this module enables a reliable GPS and GSM reception at any location even with a weak GPS signal.
The Swiss track bicycle GPS tracker set includes a SIM card with an international data tariff so that the tracking can be started directly without further configuration steps and without monthly additional costs.