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Troomi Safe Smart Phones for Kids

Parents can control the Troomi device away from the device itself, with a web APP called 'Troomi Parent Portal'. You can access the Portal from your own browser on any device.
The Updates you make will immediately take effect on your child’s phone.
You can see your child's location when you access the 'Parent Portal, and see the remaining battery life as well as WiFi and phone status.

Give yourself peace of mind with Troomi

Xiaomi Redmi 3 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds

Earbuds come with audio decoding technology that enables superior sound quality, noise reduction capabilities can reduce ambient noise and audio echo.
The light semi in-ear design is very comfortable for the user, with a weight of 4.5g.
Voice control is also available and MIUI intelligent.
Great earbuds for audio, with a clear and sharp sound.

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QCY T13 Wireless TWS Ear Buds

These simple and convenient earbuds come with a charging box, which can be charged any time, anywhere.
Pairing is automatic when the charging box is activated.5.0 Bluetooth tech allows the voice signal to transmit in synch.
Comfortable to wear and designed ergonomically.

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Yesido Handlebar Phone Mount

Perfect handlebar mount for cycling GPS and phone.
Compatible for phones 10cm x 18cm
The bracket is suitable for handlebars with a diameter of 23mm. Could also be used on a motorcycle or electric scooter.

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