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QCY T13 Wireless TWS Ear Buds

These simple and convenient earbuds come with a charging box, which can be charged any time, anywhere.
Pairing is automatic when the charging box is activated.5.0 Bluetooth tech allows the voice signal to transmit in synch.
Comfortable to wear and designed ergonomically.

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Yesido Handlebar Phone Mount

Perfect handlebar mount for cycling GPS and phone.
Compatible for phones 10cm x 18cm
The bracket is suitable for handlebars with a diameter of 23mm. Could also be used on a motorcycle or electric scooter.

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BR01 2-in-1 Bluetooth  Audio Receiver & Transmitter

Microphone: high-quality microphone - silicon
Bluetooth Mode: receive + transmit
Support Protocol: A2DP stereo, AVRCP, HSPReceiving
Mode Support Equipment: desktop computer/notebook/wired earphone/speaker, etc.Transmission SupportMod speakers/TV/desktop computer/notebook/Bluetooth headset/amplifier/projector/PS4.

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