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LS-25 6k Ultra HD Dual Camera GPS Drone

The four-axis aircraft fuselage is made of high-strength and engineering plastic, lightweight and durable, and with GPS positioning, it will provide a more accurate flight.
The drone has a folding arm, which makes it easy to carry and compact.
The altitude hold function will provide a safe and stable flight.
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UAV 360° HD Dual Camera GPS Drone

This GPS drone can fly at a distance of 1200 meters and a height of 120 meters, which will be enough for you to enjoy the flight while watching high-quality 5G pictures on your mobile phone.
Optical rotation continues during flight, and the drone will automatically stabilize without fuel. Two cameras change HD resolution pixels, clear image quality, and 90° internal control camera.
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JJRC X23 RC Drone 360

WiFi 5g high-quality image transmission, capable of taking photos/videos.
One-button take-off/landing, making the flight easy and safe.
Two cameras, electric camera up and down angle change (90 degrees).
The brushless motor can be very strong and wind resistant, with  GPS + dual vision mode, and GPS intelligence return.
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4DRC F11 PRO 5G GPS Drone

Multi-point flight planning for the route -The drone will fly autonomously in accordance with the set route.
Aircraft retrieval function-Tap the GPS sign icon three instances in a row to open the map interface. The map shows the distance, latitude, and longitude of the aircraft.
Picture and video sharing -You can share images in a single or a couple of selections, and movies can solely be shared.
HD wide-angle 90° adjustable digital camera.

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Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE 4K GPS Drone

The Xiaomi FIMI GPS drone comes equipped with a vast array of tech on board, including a 4K Camera & Sony 48MP CMOS Sensor.
3 Axis mechanical gimbal adds the newest control algorithms, which makes for ultra-smooth videos, even in strong wind conditions.
The lightweight design makes it easy to store in any backpack.
The powerful visual tracking system can precisely lock on to the target.
Up to 35 minutes flight time on a full battery.

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