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70mai Hardwire Kit for Car Dashcams

Low voltage protection of car: 11.4V
Low voltage protection of large vehicle: 22.8V
The 70mai series dashcam and smart rear-view mirror products are used with the 70mai parking monitoring cable to automatically enter the parking monitoring mode after detecting that the vehicle is turned off. The acceleration sensor will continue to monitor the status of the vehicle. . Smart rear-view mirror series products will send apps to push notifications to car owners.

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AT&T Harman Spark Vehicle Wi Fi 

The AT&T HARMAN Spark instantly updates vehicles.
With the simple installation of the AT&T HARMAN Spark, you'll get
continuous Wi-Fi to your vehicle.
Ensure your ESCORT device is always up-to-date and provides alerts.
Benefit from Wi-Fi access for your driver alert system.

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Wireless Adapter Auto Dongle - Android

Make your journey stress-free with this great little hands-free device, which allows you to listen to music, also supports GPS navigation.
Messages can also be sent via the dongle.
Supports Carplay, Carlife, and Android Auto, the navigation player is android 4.0 or above.

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