Wireless Adapter Auto Dongle - Android

Make your journey stress-free with this great little hands-free device, which allows you to listen to music, also supports GPS navigation.
Messages can also be sent via the dongle.
Supports Carplay, Carlife, and Android Auto, the navigation player is android 4.0 or above.

Available from fasttech.com

ING Speedbird i63E 4K GPS Drone

Create top-quality videos and photos uniquely from the air, with Speedbird I63E’s 4K Ultra HD camera which is supported by a 3-Axis Motorized Gimbal. Resolution:3840 x 2160
With a max altitude of 394 ft. and a flight time of 25 mins.
The Speedbird features a maximum takeoff altitude of 10,000 ft
Weighing 4 lbs., the Speedbird I63E is conveniently sized to form traveling and packing a breeze, creating the right travel companion.

Available from beantech.store

GPS Protective Carry Case

Keep your GPS device protected from scratches and bumps, also waterproof, with this weather-resistant carry case.
Protected by woven RipStop Nylon and comes with  a mesh pocket so that you can easily store any cables.
Elastic strap to ensure your device doesn't slide around.
Also ideal for mobile phones.

Available from radioshack.com

Smart Vision Onboard OBD2+GPS 

OBD and GPS Gauge are suitable for all cars and can be installed on pillar trim or dashboard.
Can be wired or wireless.
Size: 61x49mm
Output Frequency: ACE S1 OBD2 HUD Car GPS Head-Up Display
Power: 11V~18Vdc (12Vdc/200mA)
Included functions are RPM and fuel consumption.

Available from powerfastwheels.com