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Haylou GT1 XR TWS Wireless Earbuds


Vidaa iOS & Android Smartwatch

Cobra Electronics

SC 201 Dash Cam Suction Mount


Keep a Record of Your Off-Road Adventures

7 inch GPS Navigation for Truck/RV/Car

Take the stress out of driving with this 7 Inch navigation system. Comes with free lifetime map updates, and 8GB of memory.
Make your future road trips a breeze!
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F2 Bluetooth Earphones

Listening to music or playing games as never been better with these 5.0 Bluetooth earbuds, transmitting stable data further.
Compact and light they are very comfortable, with bilateral stereo
and heavy base.
Also included is Siri Voice, call  and Google voice assistant, while the battery life is 6 hours on a full charge.
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Nato Privacy and Protection Screen Covers

Provide  your phone with the best PET material, to avoid scratches and scrapes.
With two way technology to make the screen invisible from  30°.
Protect your phone from damage and from prying eyes!
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70mai Hardwire Kit for Car Dashcams

Low voltage protection of car: 11.4V
Low voltage protection of large vehicle: 22.8V
The 70mai series dashcam and smart rear-view mirror products are used with the 70mai parking monitoring cable to automatically enter the parking monitoring mode after detecting that the vehicle is turned off. The acceleration sensor will continue to monitor the status of the vehicle. . Smart rear-view mirror series products will send App push notifications to car owners.

Safe Smart Phones for Kids

Parents can control the Troomi device away from the device itself, with an  web APP called 'Troomi Parent Portal'. You can access the Portal from your own browser on any device. 
The Updates you make will immediately take effect on your child’s phone.
You can see your child's location when you access the 'Parent Portal, and see remaining battery life as well as WiFi and phone status. 
Give yourself peace of mind with Troomi

Metal Rings for Wireless Charger 

These come under the 'always great to know you have got some spare ones' category.
What more can you say!
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W3 Smart Watch 1.28inch Touch Screen

 Comes with an 1.3" IPS HD touch screen with a large 3D glass. With a strong body it can protect from sweat corrosion and every day bumps and knocks. 
Using high-fidelity waterproof speakers to give you high quality sound definition. 
Running, cycling, mountain, climbing, and basketball are all supported.
Also included is a multi intelligent sport recognition.
This really is a great watch for all sport.
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AT&T Harman Spark Vehicle Wi Fi 

The AT&T HARMAN Spark instantly updates  vehicle's. 
With simple installation the AT&T HARMAN Spark, you'll get
continuous Wi-Fi to your vehicle. 
Ensure your ESCORT device is always up-to-date and providing alerts. 
Benefit from Wi-Fi access for your driver alert system.

Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE 4K GPS Drone

The Xiaomi  FIMI GPS drone comes equipped with a vast array of tech on board, including a4K Camera & Sony 48MP CMOS Sensor.
3 Axis mechanical gimbal adds  the newest control algorithms, which makes for  ultra smooth  videos,  even in  strong-wind conditions.
Lightweight design makes it easy to store  in any backpack.
The powerful  visual tracking system,  can precisely lock on to the target.
Up to 35 minutes flight time on a full battery.

iTrack LTE GPS Vehicle Tracker

  iTrack LTE GPS Tracking Device. The design model is ideal trucks, cars or motorcycles. Watch in real-time on your Smartphone.
 iTrack LTE battery is rechargeable and will last about 3 weeks.
With regular updates you can rest assured you have the latest tech available. 
You should never have to replace the tracker for years to come.
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Xiaomi Redmi 3 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds

Earbuds come with audio decoding technology that enables superior sound quality, noise reduction capabilities can reduce ambient noise and audio echo.The light semi in-ear design is very comfortable for the user, with a weight of 4.5g.
Voice control is also available and MIUI intelligent.
Great earbuds for audio, with clear and sharp sound.
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